The 2018 edition was published on 14th September and is now available in good bookshops and from CAMRA.


In the North Hampshire area selection of entries is based primarily on the National Beer Scoring Scheme – a system whereby any CAMRA member can log their rating of a particular pub's  beer quality.
This is done through the WhatPub website against each pub's listing.


Last year over 2000 local 'scores' were recorded and the top pubs at the end of the year make the final shortlist. Local meetings are held in both the west and the east of our CAMRA area to ensure geographical spread. In addition there is the opportunity for any member to make separate nominations. The selection is wholly transparent  and democratic but it is up to real ale drinkers to provide their input.

The Good Beer Guide is wholly independent and no one can buy an entry unlike many other guides and neither is any pub is automatically included because it "was in last year".

As space in the book is limited, only 25 pubs in the area (around 10%) can be included, but that doesn't mean these are the only good pubs – far from it. Many more may be eligible but as with all publishing, space is a constraint.
Yes, a very small number of people do complain that their 'favourite' pub may not been included, but the question must be – did you take part and submit beer quality feedback?

So remember, that the best way for a pub to be selected for Beer Drinkers' Bible is if members submit beer scores.

It is easy. Just go to WHATPUB